Fix Microsoft Teams Poor Video Quality

In recent times, remote work has become a norm, and video conferencing has become a go-to tool for many companies for communication and collaboration. Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular video conferencing platforms that offer video and audio calls, screen sharing, and instant messaging. However, with the sudden surge in demand for video conferencing tools, users have been experiencing poor video quality due to lagging, freezing, and buffering.

Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem of poor video and call quality: Cloudbrinks Hybrid Access as a Service (HAaaS) is an innovative solution that can help resolve the issues related to video quality in Microsoft Teams.

Cloudbrink’s HAaaS delivers accelerated performance for cloud, SaaS, and data center applications. Cloudbrink’s software-only solution includes the world's first high-performance ZTNA with personal SD-WAN and Moving Target Defense (AMTD) security. With the ability to use thousands of dynamic PoPs called FAST edges, Cloudbrink provides an in-office experience with a 30x increase in application performance.

Resolve Microsoft Teams Quality issues:

Slow VPN and Broadband experiences (often caused by Packet Loss) can cause Audio and Video degradtion to Microsoft Teams calls.

    • Hybrid Network Infrastructure: Cloudbrinks HAaaS uses a hybrid network infrastructure that combines the benefits of both public and private networks. This ensures that your Microsoft Teams video calls are routed through the least congested and highest available networks on a per-flow basis, providing the best video and audio quality possible.
    • Preemptive packet recovery: Cloudbrink's FAST edges combine with an intelligent AI-driven protocol to deliver preemptive packet recovery. This means that if the system detects adverse network conditions in any part of the network, including the user’s home or public network, it will put in place measures that allow it to recover packets without the need for retransmission. This ensures that your video calls are smooth and uninterrupted.
    • Accelerated packet recovery: Cloudbrink FAST edges are so close to the user, that should a packet be unrecoverable using preemptive packet recovery, a packet it can be quickly recovered through a fast re-transmit. In real-time applications, retransmission is often not worthwhile because, by the time the application realizes the packet is lost, a request for a retransmit would take too long. Because the FAST edges are typically 5 msec from the user, the Cloudbrink service is able to recover packets quickly and send them on to the Teams service with minimal delay. This massive reduction in packet loss stops the choppy video and robotic voice that plagues many meetings using Microsoft Teams.
    • Security: Cloudbrinks HAaaS provides secure network infrastructure for your business using the latest mTLS 1.3 security protocols and Moving Target Defense (MTD) principles that change security certificates at least every 8 hours. This protects your data and video calls from cyber threats.
    • Cost-Effective: Cloudbrinks HAaaS is a cost-effective solution that offers per user model with no hardware appliances required and no fixed PoPs.
    • Frees up Infosec staff: Secure remote access can take a lot of IT and Infosec staffing. Managing hardware appliances, configuring users and PoP access, and fielding calls from users when the Microsoft Teams App is performing badly all have a big impact on staffing. With the Cloudbrink service, there is very little management needed and the support calls for poorly performing connectivity all but go away freeing up staff to work on projects.

In conclusion, if you're tired of poor video quality in Microsoft Teams, Cloudbrinks Hybrid Access as a Service is the answer. It offers a secure, reliable, and cost-effective solution that can help eliminate lagging, buffering, and freezing issues, providing a seamless video conferencing experience for your business.

So take the plunge today and start experiencing high productivity with Cloudbrink!

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