The Best Enterprise VPN Replacement

VPN has served us well, but the modern hybrid working landscape needs a better approach. One that doesn't run into the common problems we see across video and audio collaboration solutions, where "You're breaking up!" is a common refrain. Cloudbrink solves this problem and many more that traditional access solutions like VPN show with hybrid working.

Is VPN Just a Necessary Evil?

Many users may complain about their VPN slowing their internet, occasionally forcing them to forego video or causing choppy audio and preventing them from accessing source code, large files, videos, and images. When Cloudbrink was benchmarked by one of the world's top 5 Media, Entertainment, and Gaming companies - they found that Cloudbrinks VPN+SD-WAN+ZTNA was FASTER than a PC without any VPN. That's because VPN's typically have only a few points of presence on the internet and they're not designed to help make connections faster - just more secure.

Is Bandwidth the Real Issue for VPNs?

To improve performance, the biggest target is often bandwidth yet most users report having more than adequate up and down speeds. The problem is latency and packet drops - but Cloudbrink works around this with multiple points-of-presence and better routing technology

Perfect for Remote Work

Remote and hybrid work is increasingly popular, and many people see employer support for hybrid work as an essential part of their terms and conditions. Many businesses are discovering that they must support the hybrid model to retain existing staff or attract new applicants in a competitive job market.

Cloudbrink is the perfect solution to enable your organization to replace the VPN functionality of your EOL Enterprise/Corporate VPN Services — and at the same time, provide you with an easier-to-use solution that scales easily and delivers a best-of-breed remote collaboration that supercharges staff productivity.

The Cloudbrink Advantage

Cloudbrink HAaaS is a software-only solution that turns any internet connection into a secure and QoE-enabled tool that's invisible to end users. HAaaS replaces legacy VPN (and other) connectivity architectures, like Meraki VPN, and uses machine learning-based connectors deployed across multiple cloud regions to monitor local and regional connectivity statistics to route packets for video conferencing and other apps over the best network route available at the current time.

Local ISP bandwidth issues are usually not the cause of latency problems encountered on video calls or in other remote collaboration solutions. And upgrading Internet connections to people's homes or branch offices often doesn't fix the issue, as the problem lies not with your ISP but with the cloud data centers that video services are using to host and route traffic for meetings. Using Cloudbrink HAaaS, traffic for video and other meetings is routed between global Cloudbrink connectors using an optimized and adjusted network path to deliver the optimal QOS in real-time. One that eliminates the video lags that have become all too common.

When you deploy Cloudbrink, you get a software-first solution that is :

  • Simple to Deploy
  • Easier to Manage
  • More Secure
  • Has Lower Costs
  • Delivers Higher Performance
FeaturesCloudbrinkHardware VPNStandard Video (Zoom/Google/Teams/VDI)
Secure Access
Faster than just Broadband
Faster than just Broadband
Faster than Zoom Default Routing
Faster than Microsoft Teams Default Routing
Faster than Google Meet Default Routing