How our Gaming Dev Customer is benefiting from replacing their VPN with Cloudbrink

First Scenario: We are a global top-3 gaming developer company, our 7000+ employees are in more than 17 countries and ~35 cities, with the majority of them working from home 100% and others coming to the office 2-3 days a week. These users access on-prem and tier-1 CSP-hosted private apps along with more than 40+ SaaS applications. We have 2 big on-prem data centers and more than 15 CSP-hosted virtual data centers to host private apps. We must provide them a secure access solution that improves our overall security but at the same time very user-friendly and a productivity booster. 

Game Developing Infrastructure Background

In any game developing organization, our users are dealing with file transfers (game files) of sizes in GB, some of them as big as 40-50GB. When all users moved to work-from-home, the inefficiency of traditional VPN solution hit us very hard. It resulted in missing deadlines for game releases and missed business targets.

VPN Evaluation Phases

We evaluated 3 well-known major vendors and 3 new entrants in the zero-trust space. Below were the factors where Cloudbrink was miles ahead of the rest, and which made us migrate to Cloudbrink today.

  1. Cloudbrink performance was outstanding, delivering 30X improvements in file transfer in some cases. On average, every user experienced multi-fold jump in the performance of file transfers, Perforce code repository activities and general web app performance. There was no other vendor close to these results.
  2. Cloudbrink provides soft-PoPs (FAST Edges) very close to every user globally. With Edges less than 20msec away from every user, both performance and security has been very impressive.
  3. Cloudbrink infrastructure security, the rotational certificates and Mutual TLS 1.3 secure connections, has been exceptional and addressed all our security questions.
  4. The Cloudbrink team has been very responsive, their engineering and support services are very impressive. Every question or issue or enhancement has been attended very professionally and in the quickest possible time which improved our trust on this company and the product.

We have currently onboarded the majority of our developers and testing team. Very soon, all our other users will also be using Cloudbrink.

This blog is the first in a series of scenarios, the second scenario will be posted next week.


Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Customer reviews

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