FortiGate Alternative VPN

World's Fastest VPN, ZTNA, SDP and SSE Replacement

Why switch to Cloudbrink?

Cloudbrink delivers up to 30x the performance of other solutions such as Zscaler, Cisco or Palo Alto Networks.

Boost Productivity: Cloudbrink Empowers Remote Teams.

Fastest VPN replacement Fastest VPN replacement
Cloudbrink High-Performance ZTNA secures your users and delivers up to 30x the performance of Fortinet's VPN and alternate ZTNA offerings

Why Switch to Cloudbrink ZTNA from FortiGate?

Reports on Critical FortiGate security vulnerabilities have brought to light concerning weaknesses within FortiGate's infrastructure, underscored by the latest CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures).

In the modern business landscape of work-from-anywhere, robust and efficient network security solutions are paramount to safeguarding your digital assets. Two major players in this space are FortiGate and Cloudbrink. However, when compared, it's clear that Cloudbrink delivers a more secure, comprehensive and user-friendly solution. Let's delve into the specifics. 

By switching to Cloudbrink's High-Performance ZTNA, you leverage a platform acclaimed for its robust, state-of-the-art security measures designed to mitigate such risks, ensuring your business's data integrity and resilience against cyber threats.

The virtual landscape of business demands both agility and security. For organizations considering a transition from FortiGate to a more streamlined, efficient, and powerful solution, Cloudbrink presents not just an alternative, but an evolution in secure remote access and edge computing.

Challenges with VPN Solutions

Why VPN products fail to meet customer requirements

Concentrator VPN architecture gives poor performance

Users hop on to multiple Gateways to access their apps

Limited or no  centralized management or visibility leads to long times to respond

Capacity is rigid; no agility with hardware/appliance solutions

Why Switch to Cloudbrink ZTNA from Fortinet's FortiGate VPN?

Unmatched Ease of Use

Setting up Cloudbrink is a seamless experience that requires minimal effort compared to traditional VPN and SDP solutions including those from Palo Alto Networks, Zscaler, and Cisco. Our goal is to eliminate the complexity of deployment so your teams can focus on what truly matters — growing and protecting your business.

Superior Performance

When comparing the performance metrics, Cloudbrink stands out with significantly lower latency and higher throughput than many conventional solutions such as those offered by Fortient, Ivanti, Zscaler, Cisco, Palo Alto or any of the other newer VPV alternatives. Traditional VPNs can slow down user connections due to the additional encryption overhead and the circuitous routing of traffic through centralized servers. Meanwhile, Cloudbrink utilizes FAST edge multi-cloud access points to ensure that users experience the fastest connections possible, enabling real-time access and collaboration on a global scale. This performance advantage translates into tangible productivity gains and a better user experience across your workforce.

Turnkey Solution

Migrating to Cloudbrink can happen in a matter of clicks, not hours, exemplifying our promise of simplicity and convenience. Our intuitive interface ensures that from sign-up to full operation, you'll find no easier way to secure your business connection needs.

User-Centric Design

Cloudbrink's platform is built with IT admins and the end-user in mind. Navigation is straightforward, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. Say goodbye to cumbersome configurations and extended training sessions.

Exponential Performance Gains

30x Speed Improvement

Wave farewell to the inconvenience of slower, clunky VPNs and slow ZTNA. With Cloudbrink, experience a remarkable up to 30x speed increase, facilitating faster data transfer, productivity, and overall user satisfaction.

Lower Latency & Higher Bandwidth

Say goodbye to network or VPN lag and hello to high-speed performance. Cloudbrink's innovative edge computing technology reduces latency for a smoother and more responsive user experience. Additionally, our scalable infrastructure allows for higher bandwidth capacity to support your growing business needs.

Key Features of Cloudbrink

Cloudbrink stands out with its remarkable features designed for modern enterprises. Here are some key aspects that distinguish our solution:

Quality of Experience 

           FortiGate doesn't offer any direct benefits for end-user experience. In contrast, Cloudbrink is designed from the ground up to balance performance and security, ensuring a superior Quality of Experience (QOX). It effectively handles the challenges of Wi-Fi and ISP networks and mitigates mid-mile internet issues. 


           Traditional FortiGate architecture directs user traffic to a data center concentrator, which can significantly hinder performance. On the other hand, Cloudbrink's Edge-native architecture ensures less than 20ms latency for each user, (national average measured was 4.1667 msec) providing an optimal user experience. 

User Experience Monitoring 

           While FortiGate lacks insight into user experience, Cloudbrink offers a measurable Brink Quality Index, enabling quick identification and resolution of performance issues impacting productivity. 

Zero-Trust Security 

           Implementing FortiGate requires opening firewall ports on your data center. Cloudbrink eliminates this risk  with its dark-cloud compliance Connectors, using only outbound TLS 1.3 sessions and negating the need for inbound ports. 

User MFA 

           Both platforms support SAML-based IDP integration, but Cloudbrink takes it a step further by offering a native OTP-based authentication mechanism. 

Continuous Device Posture Check 

           FortiGate's posture check only happens at login. Conversely, Cloudbrink performs continuous checks every 30 minutes (configurable), quickly identifying non-compliant devices. 

MTLS 1.3 

           FortiGate uses TLS 1.2 based communications, while Cloudbrink employs the more secure TLS 1.3 protocol with Mutual TLS, significantly reducing security risks. 

Rotational PKI 

           In FortiGate's solution, customers are responsible for managing all PKI certs. Cloudbrink, however, provides a planet-scale PKI infrastructure as a service for MTLS 1.3, ensuring top-notch security with zero overhead. 

Infrastructure Maintenance & ROI 

           With FortiGate, users must connect to separate appliances for each on-prem and cloud data center. Cloudbrink offers native multi-cloud connectivity, enabling simultaneous access to any number of data centers. 

Failover (Availability) 

           FortiGate only supports active-passive failovers, necessitating additional purchases. Cloudbrink's edge service is always available with unlimited paths to users at no extra cost. 

Agile Capacity Expansion 

           Capacity expansion in FortiGate requires adding more appliances and licenses with significant lead time. Cloudbrink, being a service, allows instant capacity expansion with just a click, without any deployment or installation steps. 


            FortiGate's complex licensing involves separate licenses for appliances, features, support, etc. Cloudbrink simplifies this with a single metric-based license (per user per month), offering clear visibility of costs with included support. 

In-App Upgrade 

           FortiClient management during upgrades can be an overhead for IT teams. Cloudbrink's app provides an in- app upgrade option, similar to modern browsers, allowing users to upgrade at their convenience. 

           In conclusion, while both FortiGate and Cloudbrink offer valuable solutions, Cloudbrink edges out its competitor by addressing many common complaints about FortiGate. Its focus on user experience, enhanced security measures, simplified licensing, and innovative features make it a superior choice for businesses seeking robust and efficient network security solutions. 

How does the Cloudbrink Service compare to VPN?

Cloudbrink speeds up local internet access by up to 30X . Read some of the reports published about Cloudbrink.

30X Faster than No VPN or ZTNA!

In a number of 3rd party tests, Cloudbrink outperformed VPNs, ZTNA and SDP solutions and control PCs with NO Secure Access! 

Better for local AND remote Users

Many users may complain about their VPN slowing their internet, occasionally forcing them to forego video or causing choppy audio and preventing them from accessing source code, large files, videos, and images. When Cloudbrink was benchmarked by one of the world's top 5 Media, Entertainment, and Gaming companies - they found that Cloudbrinks VPN+SD-WAN+ZTNA was 30 X FASTER than a PC without any VPN. That's because VPN's typically have only a few available points of presence on the internet with limited bandwidth and they're not designed to help make connections faster - just more secure.

Cloudbrink: A High-Performance ZTNA service provides mutual zero trust based on mTLS 1.3 and it provides Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) by rotating security certificates in hours, not years.

To avoid detection, modern attacks are "low and slow". By rotating certificates multiple times a day, these exploits that involve certificates are eliminated

FortiGate VPNCloudBrink
Full ZTNA/ZTA service
Designed for UCaaS
Private, per-user personal SD-WAN
Support the principle of least privilege
Continuously verify device posture
Secure all apps
End-to-end mutual TLS 1.3
SaaS, private app & n/w segment access
Rotating Certificates (AMTD)
Continuously changing network paths (AMTD)
Reduce traffic hairpins
Multiple concurrent PoP/Edge connections
End-to-end performance
FAST edge (median < 5ms)
Preemptive & accelerated packet recovery
Multi-Cloud Networking (connect to any number of DCs simultaneously)
Software-based Bridging of secondary devices
Built-in Experience "score" (eliminate need for standalone DEM products)
Centralized Policy definition (across apps & DCs) and Visibility
Dark-cloud security
Agile scalability with instance capacity/coverage-area expansion

A Secure and Performant Remote Access Solution

The Brink App, FAST Edges, and Cloudbrink's connector software work together to provide a more secure and performant remote access solution than current VPN, SDP, ZTNA or ZTNA 2.0 offerings. The Brink App is powered by AI to overcome local Wi-Fi and broadband network challenges, while FAST Edges are automatically created close to the end user for maximum performance. This provides a high-performance, highly secure end-to-end connection to private apps or data sources.


Cloudbrink accelerates performance by up to 30x Cloudbrink accelerates performance by up to 30x