AWS and Cloudbrink
The ZTNA Service Revolutionizing Hybrid Work


The collaboration between Cloudbrink and AWS brings forth a winning combination that revolutionizes hybrid work environments.
SecureAccess SecureAccess

Zero Trust Secure Access with AMTD

Hybrid workers expect to be kept secure. Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) and Zero trust access are the future of enterprise security. Enterprises are embracing hybrid IT infrastructure and hybrid work policies that can make enterprise assets - apps and data - highly vulnerable. Zero trust secure access helps enterprises protect their assets by tightening access controls. AMTD reduces exposed attack surfaces by introducing constant strategic change while increasing the cost of reconnaissance and malicious exploitation of the attacker. Gartner describes AMTD as “an emerging game-changing technology for improving cyber defense."

Superfast Application Performance

Remote and in-office users need highly responsive and fast application performance to be productive and deliver their work efficiently. Users want to connect from anywhere and get the same application performance or better than they get when they are inside the office. The high-performance ZTNA delivered by Cloudbrink through AWS is up to 30 times faster than other ZTNA, VPN, or Software Defined Perimeter solutions.

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Simple and Seamless User Experience

A user just wants to turn on their device and start work. They don't want to have to choose which office or gateway to connect to. A simple and intuitive user interface enables users to start fast and work efficiently. Users get frustrated if they are expected to disconnect/reconnect to multiple gateways to access their different apps and data.

Centralized Management

With lean IT teams and cost controls, centralized management with minimal IT team overhead is a must. However, IT still needs to maintain complete control over who gets access to which apps and data sources. With no hardware to manage a significant reduction in support tickets, the Cloudbrink Service frees up IT teams from the overhead of supporting remote workers in the multi-cloud.

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What our customers are saying

"I can’t say enough about how the Cloudbrink solution and team has assisted our remote workers and made their lives so much easier, just like being in the office. For many remote users, this solution has allowed us to achieve better results and time to market than what we were seeing before when we were in the office."

Fortune 100 Company

“We are truly amazed at the partnership with Cloudbrink, everything that you committed to with regards to support, implementation, capabilities and relationship has been exceeded every step of the way”.

Entertainment Company

“We were being pressured to go with Zscalar for the remote users, however your solution would not only solve upgrading our current VPN environment but also improve our users experience which is a win/win.”

Financial Services Company