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High-Performance ZTNA delivers up to 30x the performance of ZTNA to get your remote workers productive and happy.

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VPN (virtual private network) services for secure access are failing the modern hybrid worker that needs fast access to SaaS, cloud, and data center apps. Zero trust network access (ZTNA) is beginning to take over providing better access control, and although an improvement over VPN, it is still lacking the performance that remote users need to do their jobs effectively.
There are other challenges associated with implementing current ZTNA offerings, including:

No support for black cloud/dark network security across all cloud and data center apps

No continuous verification of the device posture

Lack of mutual TLS 1.3 support - using older TLS1.2

Lack of automatic edge selection - fixed PoPs

Lack of support for server-initiated secure connections

No fast certificate rotation

Zero-trust network access (ZTNA) from ZTNA providers seeks to protect an organization's networks, apps and data from malicious actors by limiting access and verifying user identity at every step. A zero-trust security model denies access to an enterprise's digital resources by default. It only grants authenticated users tailored, siloed access to the specific applications, data, services, and systems they need to do their jobs.
Support for all SaaS and data center apps.
The benefits of ZTNA technologies include:

Support for all SaaS and data center apps

No requirement to backhaul traffic through the data center

Scales up capacity with the purchase of additional licenses

No complex network segmentation

Easier visibility and control

Faster deployment - no VPN servers or appliances required

A High-Performance ZTNA service provides mutual zero trust based on mTLS 1.3 and it provides Moving Target Defense (MTD) by rotating security certificates in hours, not years.

To avoid detection, modern attacks are "low and slow". By rotating certificates multiple times a day, these exploits that involve certificates are eliminated.

High Performance ZTNA (HAaaS), ZTNA and VPN Comparison

Branch user optimization
Hybrid user optimization
Multi-cloud connectivity
SaaS apps optimization
Software-only (minimal maintenance)
Single policy-definition (central control plane)
Single pane of glass visibility (aggregated visibility)
Granular control (per user per app)
SDP-compliant enterprise access
Automated Moving Target Defense

A Secure and Performant Remote Access Solution

The Brink App, FAST Edges, and Cloudbrink's connector software work together to provide a more secure and performant remote access solution than current VPN, SDP, ZTNA or ZTNA 2.0 offerings. The Brink App is powered by AI to overcome local Wi-Fi and broadband network challenges, while FAST Edges are automatically created close to the end user for maximum performance. This provides a high-performance, highly secure end-to-end connection to private apps or data sources.


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Cloudbrink's High-Performance  ZTNA Three Main Components

The Brink App, installed on end-user devices, leverages the power of AI to overcome any network challenges and guarantees an excellent quality of experience for the end-user, regardless of the network.

Enterprise access points called FAST (Flexible, Autonomous, Smart, Temporary) Edges are automatically created close to the end user enabling Cloudbrink to react rapidly to changes in demand, guaranteeing the highest possible performance. Cloudbrink can automatically scale thousands of FAST Edges. By contrast, traditional vendors typically provide only 100-200 PoPs at most. These edges form a mesh to create the fastest possible route through the cloud on a per-session basis. In contrast, other ZTNA vendors typically provide only 100-200 PoPs at most.

If required, Cloudbrink's connector software can be deployed in the customer's cloud environment or data center to provide a secure end-to-end connection to private apps or data sources.

Cloudbrink's High-Performance ZTNA is a software-only solution that uses pre-emptive and accelerated packet recovery to minimize the impact of network issues. The zero trust network architecture combines packet recovery with FAST edges to minimize latency.

Cloundbrink Zero Trust Architecture

Cloudbrink accelerates performance by up to 30x Cloudbrink accelerates performance by up to 30x

“We were being pressured to go with Zscalar for the remote users, however the Cloudbrink zero trust access solution not only solved upgrading our current VPN environment but also improved our users' experience which is a win/win”.

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