Video Conferencing Platforms in the Cloud

Video conferencing is like a virtual meeting room. It uses software and an internet connection to allow people in different locations to see and hear each other in real-time. All of the benefits of face-to-face meetings, but without the travel

It's popular for business meetings, training sessions, and even catching up with colleagues across the globe. We use a variety of platforms here, like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, depending on which Cloud Provider you are working with.

Video Call Quality and Packet Loss

Many users, especially remote workers, digital nomads, and business travel users frequently experience bad or slow VDI issues which they normally blame WiFi and ISP Bandwidth for. When you look at the minimum requirements for SD and HD video call quality from each of the cloud video platforms, the required bandwidth is often less than 10% of what is actually available. More often than not, packet loss is to blame for the issues, which led us to release a free Packet Loss Tool that you can download and test for your user's networks.

Top Video Conferencing Platforms

Here’s a list of the top Video Conferencing and VDI platforms with the recommended OEM bandwidths required


Platform Max Resolution Required Bandwidth
Zoom 1080p 1.2 Mbps / 1.2 Mbps (1:1), 4 Mbps / 1 Mbps
Google Meet 720p 1 Mbps / 1 Mbps
Microsoft Teams 1080p 2.0 Mbps / 1.0 Mbps (HD group calls)
Webex Meetings 4K 0.5 Mbps / 0.5 Mbps SD , varies from 3- 6 Mbps for HD and 4K
Citrix VDI 4K 10 Mbps


VPN Video Alternatives

VPN typically slows down internet connections and with forced, limited routes and limited bandwidth throttling, the local bandwidth available from the ISP is not the usable bandwidth available to the end user. CloudBrink is a VPN Alternative offering ZTNA+SD-WAN+UCaaS that provides 30X faster bandwidth through better routing, multiple cloud PoPs with reduced Packet Loss

View our Bandwidth Testing and use case from NEIC who deployed CloudBrink to overcome these networking challenges for remote and local users for VDi, Video, and Network Access


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