SD-WAN+ZTNA for Remote Access with HAaaS VPN Replacement

In today's business landscape, it is more important than ever for Enterprises to enable knowledge worker access to IT systems and applications remotely. With the increase in hybrid working, more people are working outside the office but still require access to corporate systems. While Cloud-based applications have helped to offset some of this demand, many business applications still run in private data centers, and employees need to be able to access them from anywhere.

This means secure and user-friendly remote access to the corporate LAN is essential to allow remote workers to connect to IT systems as if they were in the office. The access must be fast, compatible with endpoint devices and Enterprise systems, and ensure secure connectivity. Cloudbrink Hybrid Access-as-a-Service (HAaaS) is designed and built from the ground up to deliver the remote connectivity that businesses and other organizations require.

Cloudbrink SD-WAN Hybrid Access-as-a-Service

With SD-WAN, software-defined networking is utilized to efficiently route traffic across various connections, including broadband, MPLS ((Multi-Protocol Label Switching)), and cellular networks. This intelligent routing feature provides superior performance and reliability, even when network congestion or outages occur. By eliminating dependence on a single point of failure, SD-WAN boosts the resilience of remote access infrastructure.

Cloudbrink Hybrid Access-as-a-Service (HAaaS) is a modern personal SD-WAN implementation designed and built from the ground up to address and overcome some limitations seen with traditional SD-WAN, ZTNA, and VPN solutions for remote workers. HAaaS provides cutting-edge connectivity for the modern hybrid workforce, no matter where they are in the world. Using AI and ML technology, it delivers hybrid access that is optimized for performance on all connection types. This means users can enjoy lightning-fast speeds for cloud, SaaS, and data center applications, irrespective of their location or the service hosting the applications.

Additionally, Cloudbrink HAaaS includes the world's first high-performance ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) offering, plus Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) support to enhance security for hybrid and fully remote users, in addition to the industry-leading SD-WAN functionality. By using thousands of dynamic points of presence called FAST edges in Cloud datacenters around the world, Cloudbrink delivers an in-office equivalent experience with a 30x increase in application performance for remote workers. Best of all, this powerful experience is easy to manage by network, security, and IT administrators, with simplified operations across the board.

The bottom line: Cloudbrink HAaaS provides in-office performance and security for anyone, anywhere, by delivering an experience for remote workers that increases productivity and reduces the stress levels associated with trying to work over a poor network connection.

The Benefits of SD-WAN for Remote Access with HAaaS

As a software-only and cloud-based FAST Edge solution, HAaaS enhances SD-WAN by providing redundancy and failover capabilities at the application layer. HAaaS monitors the health and availability of the network paths of critical applications and services and automatically redirects traffic through alternative routes in the event of an outage or performance degradation. This seamless failover mechanism ensures uninterrupted access to essential resources for remote employees.

Cloudbrink SD-WAN with HAaaS delivers these benefits:

Reliability - By combining SD-WAN and HAaaS, organizations get a dependable remote access solution. Remote workers can connect to resources seamlessly with the help of intelligent routing and automated failover capabilities, even if a network path experiences downtime.

Performance - Network traffic flow is optimized using Cloudbrink HAaaS personal SD-WAN by dynamically selecting the most suitable path for every application or service. The efficient utilization of available bandwidth results in improved performance and reduced latency, leading to enhanced productivity for remote employees.

Security - Remote access increases the attack surface available to bad actors, so cybersecurity is crucial. To safeguard data traveling over public networks, Cloudbrink HAaaS SD-WAN uses strong encryption. Additionally, HAaaS ensures that security remains intact even during failover scenarios, minimizing potential vulnerabilities.

Management - SD-WAN with HAaaS has centralized management capabilities that offer a unified view of the network and usage patterns. This simplifies configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting processes, ultimately reducing operational complexity, and enabling efficient management of remote access resources.

Scalability - Cloudbrink SD-WAN with HAaaS makes deploying remote access simple and cost-effective. Companies can quickly expand their remote access network as required without suffering performance or security issues.


HAaaS-based SD-WAN is a game-changer vs VPN for remote access, empowering organizations with secure, reliable, and high-performance connectivity. By combining the agility and intelligence of SD-WAN with the reliability of HAaaS, organizations can overcome the limitations of traditional remote access solutions. Whether it's a remote workforce, branch offices, or multiple locations, Cloudbrink SD-WAN with HAaaS delivers a seamless user experience that enables IT teams to efficiently manage and secure their remote access infrastructure. As remote work continues to evolve, deployment of Cloudbrink HAaaS-backed SD-WAN will allow your staff to work effectively from anywhere.

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