No More Lag with VPN

In an era where remote workforces have become a norm for many businesses, efficient and reliable remote access solutions are essential. While VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) have long been a staple for delivering secure remote access, they often have performance issues that hinder the user experience and productivity. Here, we briefly discuss why VPN solutions may not be the best choice for modern remote workforces and why alternatives like Cloudbrink's Personal SD-WAN, High-performance ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access), and Automated Moving Target Defense solutions provide a better alternative. 

Performance Issues with VPNs

One of the main drawbacks of traditional VPNs is their performance. VPN connections often suffer from network lag, which can be annoying, especially when employees need to access media-rich applications or collaborate on bandwidth-intensive tasks over video calls. The latency introduced by VPNs can lead to frustration, reduced productivity, and missed deadlines. The performance bottleneck in many VPN solutions is frequently due to routing all VPN connection traffic through a centralized server, creating network congestion and lag. 

Complex Setup and Management 

The complexity of setting up and managing VPN solutions is also a significant challenge to their effective use. VPNs typically require a dedicated IT team with network configuration and security expertise. This reliance on specialized knowledge means small to medium-sized businesses can struggle to implement and maintain VPNs effectively. Even for large organizations with the resources to maintain IT teams dedicated to supporting VPN infrastructure, the need for constant updates, troubleshooting, and support can drain resources. 

A Modern Alternative: Cloudbrink's HAaaS 

Cloudbrink offers a compelling alternative via its Hybrid Access-as-a-Service (HAaaS) platform. The personal SD-WAN component of HAaaS ensures high-performance connectivity, even for media-rich applications, regardless of a user's location and network capacity. HAaaS optimizes traffic routing and minimizes latency, delivering an excellent user experience for all by using thousands of dynamic points of presence known as FAST edges in Cloud data centers across the globe. Cloudbrink provides a high-performance application experience for remote workers that is equivalent to what they would experience in a traditional office setting. 

ZTNA in HAaaS adds an extra layer of security while users access business resources. Remote staff can securely connect to applications and data without requiring a cumbersome VPN, reducing the risk of security and data breaches while enhancing usability. 

Automated Moving Target Defense further strengthens security by constantly modifying the network landscape (by cycling security certificates), making a moving target for potential attackers. This approach enhances protection against cyber threats by undercutting persistent threat activities of cybercriminals. 


VPNs served a purpose in the past, but they are no longer the ideal choice for businesses with remote workforces. The performance issues, setup complexity, and ongoing management requirements make them an undesirable option.  

In a world where remote work is no longer a trend but often the norm, businesses must embrace modern solutions prioritizing user experience, security, and ease of management. Cloudbrink provides a compelling alternative to traditional VPNs, enabling organizations to empower their workforce, enhance productivity, and safeguard sensitive data. 

Cloudbrink's Personal SD-WAN, High-performance ZTNA, and Automated Moving Target Defense solutions, delivered via HAaaS, offer a modern, efficient, and secure way to provide remote and hybrid connectivity that meets the demands of the current workplace.  

All while making it easy for IT system administrators to manage remote user networking and security with simplified operations. Say goodbye to VPN lag and embrace the future of remote access with Cloudbrink.

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