ESG First Look: Cloudbrink

"Users will experience faster downloads and uploads, and overall better network performance."

ESG Technical First Look Cloudbrink: Fast, Secure Connectivity for Hybrid Workers

Network Infrastructure Challenges.

ESG First Look: Technical Overview of Cloudbrink
ESG First Look: Cloudbrink

Modern IT environments are highly distributed and complex. TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group surveyed respondents to identify the areas where their organization would make the most significant investments in its network infrastructure over the next 12 to 18 months.

Enterprise Strategy Group performed an ESG Technical First Look which was a detailed analysis of Cloudbrink, including its ease of use and accelerated performance for cloud, SaaS, and data center applications.

First Impressions?

Download the ESG report to find out more and read what a fortune 100 customer has to say about the Cloudbrink Service.

The bottom line is that end users are going to be transferring files, accessing cloud and SaaS applications, browsing the internet, participating in VDI and RDP sessions, connecting with call centers, and video conferencing; these users will experience faster downloads and uploads, and overall better network performance. All of this helps increase end-user productivity and improve a company’s top-line revenue.

The report found that organizations looking to train networking staff, simplify the network infrastructure, and bring the security and speed of the office experience to the remote worker should consider Cloudbrink.

How do you get a happy productive hybrid workforce?

What is an ESG First Look?

Founded in 2000, TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group combines deep practitioner knowledge and extensive primary research to develop purpose-built content deliverables that help buyers buy and sellers sell. With content that addresses the key aspects of the buyer’s journey, Enterprise Strategy Group helps technology vendors create greater buyer confidence.

An ESG Technical First Look is exactly as it says. It is the impressions of ESG after taking a first look at eth product or service.

How is an ESG First Look performed?

An ESG Technical First Look starts with a conversation with a briefing with an ESG analyst.

Next, the vendor has to provide a full and detailed demonstration under the direction of ESG.

The First Look report is provided from the product overview, and the narration of the demo and delivers a summary of ESG’s first impressions.

What additional information was given for the ESG First Look?

In the case of the Cloudbrink First Look, access was provided to a large fortune 100 enterprise to provide a first-hand review of the product which is linked to at the end of the report.

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