Manufacturing SMB enterprise improved their users experience and productivity using Cloudbrink

Manufacturing SMB enterprise improved their employee and 3rd party users experience and productivity using Cloudbrink


Second scenario: We are a mid-size manufacturer in the space of industrial pipes with ~350 employees and focused on North America market. We have several 3rd party users (contractors, suppliers, dealers) who also need access to some of our private applications hosted on cloud-based virtual datacenters. We need a super-easy no-brainer zero-trust network access solution that is easy to procure and manage.


We evaluated Cloudbrink for 4 weeks to ensure that all the applications – SaaS and private apps – are accessible by our users over all client OS platforms. We ensured that all evaluation criteria that we had prepared before the start of the POC was completely met.

The factors that made us confident on the Cloudbrink solution are:

  1. It took only ~15 minutes for Cloudbrink to create our account on their SaaS platform and get the first user started with BrinkAgent installation and access to the SaaS applications. It was very clear that operating this solution is going to be as simple as it can get for a zero-trust solution.
  2. Since Cloudbrink supports role-based access controls, we were able to split the apps that our employees must access, 3rd party users can access, and our IT team administrators can access. Since the role-based access is tried to our Azure ID security groups, it was very easy for us to understand and manage it from get-go.
  3. End-users do not have to select or configure or manage any settings on the BrinkAgent. BrinkAgent intelligently selects the nearest Edge, navigates through the IDP authentication and device posture checks without user intervention, handles all endpoint events like sleep/wakeup, restart, auto-login, password reset, etc. without any issues. This has significantly reduced the IT support tickets and made the users life very easy.
  4. The licensing was also very simple, and we had a very clear view of the cost of the solution upfront. There are no usage-based or feature-based or other variable type of costs, it is purely a named-user license. Since we know the exact count of users who will be using this solution, the cost was very clear and helped us plan the budgets accurately.

We have onboarded all our employees and 3rd party users on to Cloudbrink.

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