Increased productivity and security for employees and contractors

Enterprises use VDI to deliver business apps to employees and contractors quickly and efficiently. It can simplify desktop management, reduce costs and increase security. A highly responsive VDI service is needed for users to be productive. Highly Responsive and Secure connectivity is required for a highly responsive VDI Solution

Cloudbrink is Citrix Ready

Challenges with Incumbent Solutions

Why current products fail to meet customer requirements

VDI access generates a lot of support tickets. It is one of the top issues that generate IT support tickets.

VDI solutions can be expensive with a weak ROI. So it is imperative that they perform well.

Poor network performance leads to a bad VDI experience that results in frustrated and unproductive users.

Customer Expectations

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VDI Investment ROI

Enterprises invest in VDI infrastructure that is designed for secure remote access and reap the benefits when users can access their virtual desktops efficiently from anywhere at any time. However, virtual desktop environments can be prone to significant VDI performance issues if there is a poor network connection. VDI security needs to protect sensitive data and virtual machine files, but that should not impact performance. Hence, when requesting a VDI demo, VDI performance is a critical parameter for enterprises to measure.

VDI Support Cost

Calls from virtual desktop users can be one of the top issues facing an IT support team supporting the digital workspace. Enterprises need to minimize the VDI environment support costs by eliminating performance bottlenecks and gaining granular visibility into the VDI performance issues and Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

UserExperience UserExperience

Users Productivity

Users are most productive when they can access their business apps with the best quality of experience. While VDI products are good at delivering business apps and Windows desktops to users, high productivity is achieved when the underlying virtual machine and networks supporting the VDI perform well.

Flexible Work

With modern identity and access management, a user should be able to work from anywhere on any machine using any of the top operating systems. VDI must be flexible and include VDI privacy so users can work from anywhere without worrying about VDI performance issues, especially slowness of response issues caused by underlying network quality issues. See [What is VDI]


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Why customers choose Cloudbrink?

Cloudbrink provides a best in class employee experience and zero-trust secure access via an edge-native platform.

Fast & responsive VDI
Fast & responsive VDIs lead to productive and happy users

User and Device verification before granting access
Cloudbrink follows principle of least privilege model, users can access their apps including VDI only after user as well as device authentication and authorization

VDI service choice
Customers will have choice to select which VDI service and region without worrying about performance

Visibility into user access events
Centralized will have visibility into user actions including login and access events to VDIs and other business apps

High quality of experience without compromising security
Enterprises can deliver the best possible application performance across their VDI and increase their security posture

What our customers are saying

“We have been really impressed with all aspects of the Cloudbrink partnership from the overall solution through your support throughout this PoC process.”

Healthcare Company

“Can’t say enough about how the Cloudbrink solution and team has assisted our remote workers and made there lives so much easier, just like being in the office. This solution has allowed us to achieve better results and time to market than what we were seeing when we were in the office for some remote users.”

Gaming Company

“What you are describing is just what we are looking for as we transform the way we do business, can’t wait to see the results of the PoC.”

eCommerce Company


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