Welcome to The Future of Work - The Remote Office Is Anywhere!

Work At The Speed of You…

We've all had to take a fresh look at the way we work. We've broken the rules, unshackled ourselves from our desks, and opened up a brand new, creative way of boosting our productivity, and enjoying work, family, and life. And technology makes it all possible.

The problem is the traditional design of networks and Wi-Fi systems for organizations has been focused on providing the best performance for workers in the office. Enterprises have spent their IT budget committing to "business grade" infrastructure. However, statistics for global workplace analytics show us that 76 million workers in the US - over 65% of the workforce - now work in a hybrid scenario, working 3 days in the office, and 2 days at home, and many permanently from a remote location.

The story here is… as all of these modern mobile/digital workers come together, we are starting to see the rise of the New Office is Anywhere! Employees now demand in-office-like lightning-fast access to Office365, Salesforce, Workday, SaaS, data center, and Windows VDI apps "at home" where internet access is very much consumer-grade - bandwidth, performance, the latency of apps, congestion, and network quality is all "best effort" and having a house and street full of heavy internet users gives organizations little ability to improve this sub-optimal app performance and productivity for their employees… until now.

Cloudbrink's Hybrid Access-as-a-Service eliminates legacy VPN and SD-WAN home gateway architectures enabling employees to work from anywhere in the world. The solution instantly transforms any home internet or cellular connection into business-grade in-office performance with robust reliability and zero trust security that users expect wherever they are.

This 100% software-only solution drastically increases employees' productivity while reducing enterprise threat vectors without any gateway, hardware, or appliance management. Enterprise users will be confident in video calls and file uploads without glitches while their kids are all streaming. They'll love how application access is as fast as sitting at their office desk without compromising security.

Accelerating Remote Internet Connections with Cloudbrink

Cloudbrink achieves this through three simple components. First, the Cloudbrink App is installed on end-user devices. It leverages the power of AI to overcome any network challenges and guarantees excellent quality of experience for the end-user no matter the network they are connected to. Next, through machine learning, enterprise access points/edges are automatically created close to the end user, enabling Cloudbrink to react rapidly to changes in demand, guaranteeing the highest performance for our customers. Finally, Cloudbrink software is deployed in the customer's cloud environment or data center, providing a secure end-to-end connection from the end user to their applications, built on dark network and Zero Trust principles.

Legacy remote access, broadband, and wide area network solutions are not able to scale for the new digital and mobile workforce, and they were not built for today's cloud-native ‘hybrid' world. Only Cloudbrink enables organizations and their employees to work from anywhere in the world, with best-in-class quality of experience and security, all in a simple-to-consume SaaS platform.

At Cloudbrink, we are empowering people to work and live better!

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