Finding a Good Internet Speed for Working from Home

The office landscape has transformed due to the rise of hybrid and remote working models. Many more people now work from home via broadband or mobile network access. As a result, businesses need to prioritize providing fast and reliable remote access to their employees, irrespective of location. This is not just a convenience but a necessity for improving productivity, boosting morale, and attracting the best talent. 

The VPN Security vs. Performance Tradeoff 

Traditional VPNs, the long-standing solution for remote access, often bottleneck performance, introducing lag and frustrating video conferencing experiences. This performance sacrifice comes at a cost, hindering productivity and creating user dissatisfaction. 

This is the conundrum at the heart of traditional VPN solutions – a tradeoff between security and performance. The VPN encryption and tunneling processes add significant overhead to network connections, slowing down performance, especially for large file transfers, media-rich applications, and video conferencing. This is problematic in today’s work environments, where seamless collaboration and access to critical resources from anywhere are essential. 

Cloudbrink HAaaS: The Modern Alternative to VPNs 

Cloudbrink’s Hybrid Access-as-a-Service (HAaaS) provides an advanced and efficient method for remote access. It combines the benefits of solid security through High-performance ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access), Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD), and Personal SD-WAN – while delivering 30 times better performance than conventional VPNs. A performance boost that has been independently tested and verified. 

Performance is not only about raw speed. Cloudbrink has designed HAaaS to deliver superb performance for modern SaaS and cloud apps such as media-rich applications and video conferencing. HAaaS enables seamless and uninterrupted collaboration, regardless of user locations, last-mile network capacity, or the number of users involved. The service accomplishes this through a global network of FAST Edge points of presence strategically positioned across multiple global cloud data centers. 

Given how important cybersecurity is in the face of the advanced threats businesses face, it’s vital that you can trust your remote access solution to be safe. ZTNA provides the fundamental security principle within HAaaS. Unlike VPNs, which provide unrestricted access to the entire network, ZTNA validates and permits access only to specific applications and resources, thereby reducing the attack surface and potential harm in the event of security breaches.  

This zero-trust method significantly improves security when compared to conventional VPNs, and in Cloudbrink’s implementation, it does so without impacting performance. 

Final Thoughts 

Cloudbrink HAaaS represents a revolutionary approach to remote access solutions for businesses looking to support their increasingly remote workforce needing access from home. Its ZTNA-based security is far more robust than traditional VPNs, eliminating the need for businesses to make tradeoffs between performance and security.  

Deploying Cloudbrink results in a better user experience for employees, faster connections, smoother collaboration, and increased productivity. Moreover, automated tools and centralized management reduce the workload on IT teams, allowing them to focus on other strategic technology initiatives. 

If you are seeking a secure, seamless access solution for your remote home working team, Cloudbrink HAaaS has the technology to deliver what you need. It’s a superior solution, delivering unmatched performance, robust security, and an overall better experience for employees and IT teams.


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