Future of Remote Employee Work, VPNs and Network Connectivity

HAaaS - The Future of Remote Work

When it comes to the future of remote employee productivity within the modern hybrid workforce, Hybrid Access-as-a-Service is leading the pack. As a result of its high-performance networking service, businesses can see a 30X increase in network and application performance. Additionally, this performance increase means that employees can work just as productively from home as they would in the office! Besides improving staff morale, it also reduces IT remote access support tickets. Cloudbrink is one of the top 10 coolest cloud companies of 2022, with good reason!

In this blog, we will cover the following:

  • What is HAaaS, and how does it work?
  • Cloudbrink HAaaS
  • The benefits of using Cloudbrink HAaaS
  • How Cloudbrink HAaaS can improve remote employee productivity
  • Why Cloudbrink is one of the top 10 coolest cloud companies of 2022
  • How to get started with Cloudbrink HAaaS

1. What is HaaS, and how does it work?

Hybrid Access-as-a-Service (HAaaS) is a software-only solution enabling enterprises to enable secure productivity in their hybrid workforce. It comprises a high-performance networking service that uses AI and ML to provide edge-native HAaaS. HAaaS delivers accelerated performance for cloud, SaaS, and data center applications. It uses thousands of dynamic PoPs along with preemptive and accelerated packet recovery to enable employees to have a fast in-office experience regardless of location. The service is designed on zero trust and black cloud principles for ultimate security for the hybrid workforce. It can be considered a combination of Ultra-High Performance ZTNA and a Personal SD-WAN. Additionally, there is Software-Defined Perimeter (Dark network / black cloud), RBAC, and Device Posture. Lastly and most importantly is the secret sauce of pre-emptive and accelerated packet recovery.

2. Cloudbrink HAaaS vs VPN

Intelligent Protocol.

Cloudbrink software uses an intelligent protocol that understands the end-to-end quality of experience requirements.  It uses this understanding to create application profiles to enforce policies on a per-hop or per-segment basis. Brink Protocol accomplishes this by carrying context (not just QoS or priority markings) without breaking the end-to-end encryption model and without maintaining a per-flow state at every node. Being present at the endpoints, where the application traffic originates or terminates, and as an overlay between the network layer and application layer, it overcomes the challenges faced by the mix of networks that the hybrid workforce traffic traverses.

FAST Edges

Enterprise access points called FAST Edges are automatically created close to the location of the hybrid workforce. FAST edges enable the service to react rapidly to changes in demand, guaranteeing the highest possible performance. Typically a FAST edge is no more than 5 msec from the user. FAST stands for Flexible, Autonomous, Smart, and Temporary. FAST edges are initiated in seconds at the closest point to the user when needed anywhere in the world. Significantly, rather than relying on a limited number of physical points-of-presence (Pops), typically under 200 worldwide, HAaaS can deliver thousands of PoPs across the globe.  A user typically connects to up to three FAST edges created in different clouds. These three connections give them the fastest possible route on a per-app, per-flow basis and provide redundancy to deliver a 99.999% uptime.

HAaaS architecture
HAaaS has three key architectural components

Combining endpoint and edge intelligence, HAaaS provides an intelligent preemptive and accelerated packet recovery. Subsequently, poor network performance is hidden from applications to significantly reduce latency and jitter. This delivers high-quality video conferencing without glitches, more responsive applications, and faster downloads. Consequently, employees are happier and more productive.

Security by design.

HAaaS has security designed into the end-to-end network protocol, unlike other solutions where security is a layer on top of the network protocol. It uses highly secure zero trust principles and black cloud/dark network principles with a continuous trust verification model using mutual TLS 1.3. The Brink App acts as a deny-all firewall so that no traffic can flow through the infrastructure unless there are specific rules on what applications or services a user can access. These rules come from user group information derived from the identity provider. Device-IS continuously monitors the device posture and revokes access if a device falls out of compliance.

3. The benefits of using Cloudbrink

Cloudbrink provides a high-performance networking service that significantly improves remote employee productivity by delivering up to a 30X increase in network and application performance. This office-like performance significantly reduces IT remote access support tickets and increases staff morale. Named by CRN as one of the top 10 coolest cloud companies of 2022, Cloudbrink reduces operational complexity for network, security, and IT administrators. Combining cost savings and increased productivity, customers moving from legacy remote access VPN and ZTNA solutions have reported an ROI of just a few weeks.

4. How Cloudbrink can improve remote employee productivity

There are multiple surveys and reports that have highlighted the impact of poor or slow connections on remote employees. Issues reported include delays in downloading documents or presentations, choppy voice and video in VDI and virtual meetings, SaaS applications failing to load pages or save changes, and slowness in gathering information from the web.

The deeply differentiated technology HAaaS provides is designed to help remote workers have a better experience and stay productive. With your employees spread out worldwide or locally, our high-performance network ensures an uninterrupted connection with maximum speeds. This high performance means less time troubleshooting technical issues, enabling remote employees to focus more on their jobs. With the Cloudbrink high-performance connection, your employees can access critical documents and applications faster, allowing them to work more efficiently.

Moreover, Cloudbrink solutions also contribute to improved morale among remote workers. Not worrying about technical issues or slow connections will enable them to stay connected with the organization, participate in virtual meetings confidently, and collaborate with colleagues more easily. This fast, frictionless work environment will help to create a more engaging work culture, which is essential when it comes to keeping high-performance employees and building an efficient remote team.

For example, one customer reported a seven-fold increase in code check-ins for their remote workers, which led to an accelerated product release and increased revenues.

5. Why Cloudbrink is one of the top 10 coolest cloud companies of 2022

Cloudbrink is one of the top 10 coolest cloud companies of 2022 due to its high-performance networking service that offers a range of benefits to customers, such as improved productivity and morale for remote workers. Businesses can enjoy enterprise-grade network performance with low latency and high reliability while gaining access to advanced security features. This results in cost savings, increased productivity, and improved morale for remote workers – making Cloudbrink one of the top 10 coolest cloud companies of 2022.

6. How to get started with Cloudbrink

Getting started with Cloudbrink is easy and requires only a few steps. Contact our sales department, and they will connect you with a customer success manager. As a software-only service, getting you up and running takes minutes:

  1. You will connect your identity provider to the Cloudbrink solution. This connection will enable you to manage your access policies for your hybrid workforces in one place.
  2. If you have private data center applications or storage that need to be accessed on-prem or in the cloud, there is a Brink connector to install at each location. The end-user devices can then log in and start to enjoy high-performance connectivity.
  3. You can use the Cloudbrink dashboard networking tools to monitor and manage your hybrid workforce devices, track performance metrics, and create high-level reports.

So take the plunge today and start experiencing high productivity from your workforce with Cloudbrink!

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