High Security + High Performance from a VPN: Are users asking too much?

The need to support remote workers has never been higher. Organizations face the challenge of ensuring secure and reliable access to business applications for staff working from home or via a hybrid work arrangement. Traditional VPN solutions often require compromises that do not provide both the security and performance needed for this new working landscape. Plus, VPN solutions can be challenging to deploy and manage, often resulting in performance issues that reduce user satisfaction.

Cloudbrink’s Hybrid Access as a Service (HAaaS) delivers a better solution to the sought-after goal of secure and fast remote connectivity. It does so via a cloud-based SD-WAN and zero-trust solution that is easy to adopt and deploy.

High Security Built in from the Start

Maintaining security is crucial for organizations of any size. With HAaaS, organizations can provide speedy access while also maintaining remote connection security.

In today’s world of cybersecurity threats, HAaaS provides secure connections via encrypted tunnels. This encryption guarantees that data exchanged between data centers, Cloud platforms, and remote workers remains confidential and protected from potential attackers.

HAaaS uses the latest TLS 1.3 protocol to ensure secure connections with certificate-based security. To further enhance security, HAaaS integrates endpoint security via the Cloudbrink Client and establishes secure connectivity through tunnels on the FAST Edge network access points and data center servers. The ZTNA service also employs TLS 1.3 to deliver a mature zero-trust solution, making Cloudbrink’s HAaaS highly secure.

By utilizing Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD), security certificates get updated hourly, leading to increased security and fewer chances for attacks. Attackers have a limited time to exploit system weaknesses before any potentially compromised certificate gets changed.

Cloudbrink’s HAaaS architecture uses dynamic PKI certificates to guarantee secure TLS communication between all components. These certificates refresh regularly to sustain a high level of security, without affecting the user experience. Moreover, all connections from the client to back-end servers are encrypted using TLS 1.3 at each stage, ensuring that attackers cannot intercept any communication within the HAaaS platform.

High-Performance Remote Connectivity

HAaaS utilizes a personal SD-WAN model that deploys a highly efficient client to endpoint devices. This client works in conjunction with the FAST Edges in the cloud to provide an optimized and enhanced level of performance. Performance is boosted by:

Global FAST Edge Presence — HAaaS has a global reach through the FAST Edge points of presence (POPs). These POPs are automatically established with zero-touch provisioning near the end user, allowing HAaaS to quickly adapt to changes in demand and provide optimal performance. With the ability to scale to thousands of FAST Edges without network administrator involvement, remote workers benefit from fast connectivity by being connected to the nearest POP, which reduces data travel distance and enhances overall access speeds.

Network Optimization — HAaaS can optimize bandwidth usage and improve access speeds by monitoring the state of available web network routes. By using intelligent traffic routing, HAaaS can dynamically select the most efficient connection, minimize latency, and switch between routes in real-time to enhance the experience for every user.

Application Prioritization — When working remotely, it’s common to require access to multiple applications, such as video conferencing software, file-sharing platforms, or CRM systems. With Cloudbrink HAaaS quality of experience technology, remote users can experience high performance across all application types. The application prioritization technology in HAaaS removes the frustrations commonly experienced while using video conferencing solutions. The annoying pixelated or frozen screen issues associated with poor network connectivity get eliminated, as are similar audio glitches that can occur when people switch to audio-only web-based meetings due to video issues caused by poor network connections.


HAaaS provides a cutting-edge solution for hybrid teams to communicate and access business applications while working remotely. Utilizing Cloudbrink HAaaS technology enhances productivity and strengthens security. It enables organizations to offer an easy-to-use and transparent VPN-like solution without compromising performance or security.

Find out more on our website, or use the contact form at https://cloudbrink.com/contact/ to reach out and start a conversation about how Cloudbrink can help you deliver both security and faster access for your remote workers.

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