Building the Best VPN Service for Enteprise from Gartner

Enterprise VPN remote access solutions have been the go-to choice for larger businesses seeking secure remote connectivity for years. However, the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a seismic shift in how and where many people work by boosting remote and hybrid working practices. Many businesses have not reverted to their pre-pandemic working practices even after restrictions ended. For many enterprises, VPNs struggled to cope with the unprecedented surge in demand, exposing their limitations in previously unseen ways. 

The surge in remote work not only stressed VPN solutions but also inflated workloads for Enterprise IT teams. These teams, already grappling with the complexities of managing large-scale networks, found themselves dealing with VPN-related issues that diverted their attention from other tasks. 

Challenges of Traditional VPN Solutions

VPN solutions are often unsuited for large remote workforces due to their inherent performance limitations when handling bandwidth-intensive applications and video conferencing solutions. As remote work has become the norm, employees need seamless access to these high-bandwidth resources and applications. However, VPNs frequently struggle to deliver consistent performance, resulting in user frustration and lost productivity. 

The complexity of setting up and managing VPN solutions is also a burden on enterprise IT teams. VPNs require skilled professionals to configure and maintain, making them resource-intensive even for large enterprises with IT departments. The management overhead and the constant need for updates and troubleshooting are significant headaches. 

Cloudbrink HAaaS to the Rescue

Enter Cloudbrink's Hybrid Access-as-a-Service (HAaaS). A modern solution that redefines enterprise remote access and hybrid connectivity by replacing VPNs with a solution built for today's Enterprise needs. Unlike traditional VPNs, HAaaS optimizes the performance of media-rich applications and video conferencing in the cloud, regardless of the number of users or their location and network capacity. 

Cloudbrink HAaaS leverages a global network of FAST Edge points of presence strategically placed in cloud data centers, ensuring low latency and high-speed connections. This eliminates the performance bottlenecks that plague traditional VPNs, providing a seamless experience for remote workers. 

HAaaS is the perfect enterprise VPN solution

HAaaS also simplifies deployment and management. Its user-friendly interface and automated processes reduce the burden on IT teams, allowing organizations to focus them on strategic initiatives rather than troubleshooting VPN issues. 

In conclusion, as remote and hybrid work get embedded into business cultures, enterprise businesses need a remote access solution that can meet their performance, scalability, and management needs. Cloudbrink's Hybrid Access-as-a-Service is a modern choice that outperforms traditional VPNs, delivering a superior remote connectivity experience while easing the IT management burden.

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