Better Remote Connectivity: SD-WAN vs VPN

As more businesses shift to remote or hybrid workforces, the need for secure and dependable connectivity solutions has increased. While Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have been the preferred option for creating a secure connection between remote employees and the corporate network, Personal SD-WAN+Zero Trust solutions have emerged as a superior alternative. 

Cloudbrink offers a solution built from the ground up to deliver SD-WAN performance and Zero Trust Security. It is perfect for organizations that need to adjust to the new working landscape. With hybrid work becoming popular, employees may work remotely or in central and branch offices on inconsistent schedules. VPNs are vulnerable to attackers and do not provide the performance modern knowledge workers require. 

Secure and easy-to-use remote access is essential to allow hybrid workers to connect to IT systems as easily as they do in the office. The access must be fast, compatible with endpoint devices & Enterprise systems, and ensure secure connectivity. Cloudbrink Hybrid Access-as-a-Service (HAaaS) is designed and built from the ground up to deliver the remote connectivity that businesses and other organizations now require.

Corporate VPN vs SD-WAN

With SD-WAN, software-defined networking efficiently routes traffic across various connections, including broadband, MPLS ((Multi-Protocol Label Switching)), and cellular networks. This intelligent routing feature provides superior performance and reliability, even during network congestion or outages. By eliminating dependence on a single point of failure, SD-WAN also boosts the resilience of remote access infrastructure. 

Cloudbrink’s personal SD-WAN is a core component of HAaaS. It is a modern personal SD-WAN implementation designed and built from the ground up to provide performance and security to hybrid workers regardless of location. Using machine learning technology, it delivers hybrid access optimized for performance on all connection types. This means users can enjoy fast access speeds for cloud, SaaS, and data center applications, irrespective of their location or the service hosting the applications. 

HAaaS is a Cloud-based FAST Edge solution that enhances SD-WAN by providing redundancy and failover capabilities at the application layer. It is a software-only solution that monitors the health and availability of critical applications and services, automatically redirecting traffic through alternative routes in the event of an outage or performance degradation. This ensures uninterrupted access to essential resources for remote employees via a seamless failover mechanism.

Cloudbrink HAaaS Personal SD-WAN delivers these benefits: 

Reliability - A dependable remote access solution. Remote workers can connect to resources seamlessly with the help of intelligent routing and automated failover capabilities, even if a network path experiences downtime.  

Performance - Cloudbrink HAaaS personal SD-WAN optimizes network traffic flow for each application or service, enhancing performance and increasing productivity for remote employees. 

Security - Keep data safe using strong encryption that ensures security even during failover scenarios, reducing potential vulnerabilities. 

Management - SD-WAN with HAaaS streamlines centralized management for simpler deployment, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting.  

Scalability - With HAaaS, companies can easily expand their remote access network without worrying about performance or security issues. 

Cloudbrink Zero Trust

Cloudbrink’s HAaaS also includes groundbreaking Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) functionality that delivers high-level security. It also features Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) support, which enhances the security of both hybrid and fully remote users. Using thousands of dynamic points of presence known as FAST edges in Cloud data centers across the globe, Cloudbrink provides an in-office equivalent experience with a 30x increase in application performance for remote workers. It is easy for IT Administrators to manage remote user networking and security with simplified operations across all areas.


Cloudbrink’s HAaaS solution provides secure, dependable, high-performance connections that are a game-changer for remote access. Combining the intelligence of SD-WAN with the reliability of HAaaS, plus the security of ZTNA, overcomes the limitations of traditional remote access solutions. 

HAaaS means that organizations can easily deliver and secure their remote access infrastructure, whether it’s for a remote workforce, branch offices, or multiple locations. With Cloudbrink HAaaS, your staff can work effectively from anywhere, using whatever network connectivity is available. HAaaS delivers a seamless user experience that empowers staff and enables IT teams to efficiently manage and secure their remote access without a VPN while infrastructure as remote working continues to grow.

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