Remote Access with SD-WAN

Remote and hybrid working models are increasingly common across the business landscape. Providing secure and high-performance access so staff can work from where they choose is a challenge many IT teams and service providers need to address. 

From a security perspective, traditional perimeter and endpoint security models, which rely on trusting all traffic based on criteria like device location and authentication, are no longer adequate to counter current cyber threats. 

SD-WAN and Zero Trust go Hand-in-Hand 

Implementing zero trust is a process that organizations do not achieve via a single product deployment. SD-WAN solutions often play an integral part in any broader cybersecurity strategies designed to adopt zero trust.  

Unlike VPNs, SD-WAN solutions are an improvement over traditional WAN technology for remote users because they enable businesses to expand network coverage beyond the limitations of physical infrastructure. Unlike conventional WAN systems, SD-WAN technology expands the network, allowing for secure remote access and ensuring the secure transfer of data across different locations and network types. This improves network security and accessibility, making it easier for remote users to securely access the network and work from anywhere.  

SD-WAN solutions can prioritize network traffic types from the router according to business needs, ensuring important data transfers smoothly – for example, prioritizing video meetings or VOIP telephone traffic. Doing this maximizes bandwidth efficiency, which leads to lower network costs, improved performance, and often both. More importantly, SD-WAN provides end-to-end encryption across the entire network, adding an extra layer of security. The ability to segregate network traffic by type also reduces the attack surface, further enabling a more secure network environment.  

Combining SD-WAN and Zero Trust can provide a powerful solution for securing remote network access. SD-WAN enables granular control over traffic routing and application performance, while Zero Trust enforces least privilege access and continuous authentication. 

Remote access, SD-WAN, and Zero Trust Solutions

 Cloudbrink’s High Perf ZTNA and Personal SD-WAN solutions offer a multi-layered security approach to enhance an SD-WAN and Zero Trust security deployment. 

While traditional SD-WAN has many benefits for an office, when it comes to an individual working away from the office or the connection between an office worker and the router, SD-WAN cannot help.

Cloudbrink's innovative service revolutionizes the traditional approach to networking by delivering SD-WAN-like capabilities not just to offices, but directly to individuals, regardless of their location. This means that hybrid workers, whether they're operating from home, a coffee shop, a hotel, or on the move, can benefit from a high-quality user experience and increased productivity. 

By integrating security and performance with a zero-trust access model and automated moving target defense, Cloudbrink offers enhanced security without compromising on performance. In essence, Cloudbrink empowers individual users with office-like network capabilities and performance, irrespective of their geographical location.

They deliver various benefits, including better performance, improved security, cost savings, and simplified management. 

Cloudbrink High Perf ZTNA goes beyond traditional ZTNA solutions to offer optimizations designed to address the needs of hybrid organizations. High Perf ZTNA uses a global network of points of presence known as Fast Edges. This network ensures that users have a fast and reliable connection to applications and data, regardless of their location. Users of Cloudbrink solutions typically see improvements of 30x in performance over traditional remote access solutions. 

High Perf ZTNA also delivers

Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) - A dynamic and agile security strategy that constantly modifies the attack surface by frequently changing network and system parameters like security certificates, making it challenging for cybercriminals to exploit any vulnerability. This approach enhances the SD-WAN and zero trust model, discouraging malicious actors and increasing the security of all connected devices. 

AI-driven network optimization - Cloudbrink’s AI technology optimizes network traffic flow to reduce latency. Doing this in real-time provides an enhanced user experience.


By combining High Perf ZTNA, Automated Moving Target Defense, and Personal SD-WAN, Cloudbrink enhances SD-WAN’s existing inherent advantages. The powerful trio works together to provide exceptional network security and usability, delivering an exemplary example of the modern-day zero-trust model.  

Cloudbrink’s solutions offer a next-level approach to leveraging SD-WAN and the Zero Trust model. By combining adaptive, dynamic, and user-centric security strategies, they help create a secure and responsive network that ensures only the right users get access to the right resources, making an organization’s digital infrastructure more secure. 

Cloudbrink allows organizations to evolve their network defenses for remote access to keep pace with the changing threat landscape and transform their operations to be more agile, robust, and productive. 


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