A Faster and More Secure VPN?

The need to support remote workers with secure AND fast connectivity has never been more in demand. Organizations increasingly face the challenge of delivering secure and reliable access to business applications for staff who may work exclusively from home or be hybrid workers who choose where and when they work. Delivering remote access via traditional VPN solutions may not provide the necessary level of security and performance that this new working landscape requires. Many VPN solutions can be challenging to deploy and manage, and they often suffer from performance issues that impact productivity and staff satisfaction.

Cloudbrink’s Hybrid Access as a Service (HAaaS) delivers a better solution to this sought-after goal of secure and fast remote connectivity, via a cloud-based SD-WAN and zero-trust solution that is easy to adopt and deploy.

Testing confirms higher Connectivity Speeds

HAaaS uses a personal SD-WAN model with a highly efficient client deployed to endpoint devices. This client works in conduction with the FAST Edges in the cloud to deliver an optimized and enhanced level of performance. Performance is boosted by:

Global FAST Edge Presence — HAaaS has a worldwide presence thanks to strategically placed FAST Edge points of presence (POPs). These access points are automatically created with zero-touch provisioning near the end user, enabling HAaaS to respond to changes in demand and deliver optimal performance. Cloudbrink HAaaS can scale to thousands of FAST Edges without the need for network administrators’ input.

Network Optimization — HAaaS can monitor network routes over the web to optimize bandwidth usage and enhance access speeds. With its intelligent traffic routing capabilities, it can automatically make dynamic path selections to choose the most efficient connection, minimize latency, and switch between routes in real-time to optimize the experience for each end user.

Application Prioritization — When working remotely, it’s common to need access to multiple applications at once - whether it’s video conferencing software, file-sharing platforms, or CRM systems. With Cloudbrink’s quality of experience () technology, remote users can enjoy top-notch performance across all types of apps. The application prioritization and technology in HAaaS remove the frustrations commonly experienced when using video conferencing solutions. The dreaded pixelated or frozen screen issues associated with poor network connectivity are optimized away, as are similar audio glitches that can occur when people switch to audio-only web-based meetings when they experience video issues on poor network connections.

Maximizing Remote Security

Security is just as important as performance for IT teams in organizations. HAaaS enables organizations to deliver faster access and also ensures that connection security is maintained.

For optimal cybersecurity in today’s threat landscape, HAaaS offers secure connections through encrypted tunnels. This encryption ensures that all data exchanged between data centers, Cloud platforms, and remote workers remains confidential and protected from possible attackers.

HAaaS incorporates the latest TLS 1.3 protocol to guarantee PKI certificate-based security for all connections. Additionally, endpoint security is integrated into HAaaS and provided through a combination of technologies via the Cloudbrink Client. Secure connectivity is also established through tunnels on the FAST Edge network access points and servers in data centers. The security in Cloudbrink’s HAaaS gets implemented through a ZTNA service that employs TLS 1.3, end-to-end, at every segment to deliver a robust and mature zero-trust model.

Using Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD), security certificates change hourly. This results in a much higher level of security and fewer attack opportunities. Attackers have a much shorter time period in which to exploit system vulnerabilities before a potentially compromised certificate gets replaced.


HAaaS offers an innovative solution for remote work networking for hybrid teams. Using this Cloudbrink technology, productivity gets increased, and security improved. Using it enables organizations to deliver a better than VPN alternative that doesn’t compromise performance or security.

Find out more on our website, or use the contact form at https://cloudbrink.com/contact/ to reach out and start a conversation about how Cloudbrink can help you deliver more security and faster access for your remote workers.


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