Cloudbrink Attains SOC 2 Type I and Type II Certification

Cloudbrink, the leader in Hybrid Access-as-a-Service , which is a cloud-based software solution, is proud to announce that it has attained SOC 2 Type I and II compliance. This certification is a major accomplishment for Cloudbrink, demonstrating its commitment to security and trustworthiness. In this blog post, we will discuss what SOC 2 compliance is, why it is important for cloud-based software companies, and how it can benefit customers.

Why Is SOC 2 Compliance Important?

For a cloud-based software company like Cloudbrink, SOC 2 compliance is critical because it ensures that customer data stored in our systems remain secure and private. It also demonstrates our commitment to meeting industry standards for security and privacy protection—which customers expect from any organization handling their sensitive information. Additionally, attaining SOC2 certification shows that we are willing to go above and beyond what's required by law when it comes to protecting our customer's data.

How Can Customers Benefit From Cloudbrink Achieving SOC2 Certification?

For customers who use Cloudbrink's solutions, achieving SOC2 certification provides added peace of mind knowing that their sensitive data is properly protected from unauthorized access or misuse. Customers can rest assured that their data remains secure even if there were ever a breach or other type of incident within our systems or networks—which can be invaluable in today's increasingly digital world where cyberattacks are becoming more frequent than ever before. Additionally, customers can have confidence knowing that we take extra steps to ensure their privacy as well as the integrity of their processing transactions thanks to this certification from an independent third-party auditor.

At Cloudbrink, we understand how important security and privacy are for businesses using cloud-based solutions—which is why we are so proud to announce our attainment of both Type I & II of the prestigious SOC 2 certification! Our commitment to meeting industry standards for protecting customer data ensures that you can confidently utilize our services while having peace of mind knowing your sensitive information is safe with us. We look forward to continuing to provide our valued customers with reliable solutions now backed by this much sought-after compliance!