Cloudbrink Wins RemoteTech Breakthrough Technology Award for VPN Replacement Solutions

RemoteTech Technology Awards Introduction

Cloudbrink, the leading provider of innovative remote and hybrid work connectivity solutions, is proud to announce that we have been honored with the prestigious "Hybrid Work Solution of the Year 2023" award from RemoteTech Breakthrough. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technologies and empowering organizations in the evolving landscape of remote and hybrid work. Winning this award further solidifies our position as an industry leader in providing exceptional solutions. Additionally, this achievement adds to our growing collection of accolades, which includes other notable recognitions such as the Futuriom 50, CRN's "10 Coolest Cloud Companies," Intellyx Digital Innovator 2023, and being chosen as a Startup 50 by ChapGPT.

Recognizing Excellence in Hybrid Work Solutions:

The "Hybrid Work Solution of the Year 2023" award showcases our dedication to enabling seamless collaboration, enhanced productivity, and secure connectivity in the hybrid work environment. The RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards, renowned for honoring innovative solutions in remote and hybrid work technologies, recognized Cloudbrink for our outstanding contributions and the positive impact we create for organizations transitioning to hybrid work models.

An Impressive Track Record of Awards:

This latest recognition adds to the growing list of accolades that Cloudbrink has achieved since emerging from stealth mode in mid-November 2022. Our commitment to innovation, superior performance, and customer satisfaction has been consistently acknowledged by industry experts and thought leaders. Here is a selection of the eleven awards we have received so far:

  1. Futuriom 50: Cloudbrink was selected as one of the top 50 innovative companies in the future of networking and technology. This award recognizes our forward-thinking approach and transformative solutions.
  2. CRN's "10 Coolest Cloud Companies": We were honored as one of the ten most innovative and influential cloud companies, reflecting our commitment to pushing the boundaries of cloud technology.
  3. Intellyx Digital Innovator 2023: Cloudbrink's revolutionary solutions were recognized by Intellyx as an industry-leading digital innovator, highlighting our ability to deliver transformative value to businesses.
  4. Startup 50 chosen by ChapGPT: Our recognition as a Startup 50 by ChapGPT (and separately by humans) underscores the significant impact we have made as a new and dynamic player in the industry.

These awards showcase our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, and we are proud to have our efforts acknowledged by esteemed organizations within the industry.

A Shared Success:

We owe our success to our dedicated team of professionals, whose relentless efforts, expertise, and commitment have propelled us to this extraordinary achievement. Furthermore, we are grateful for the trust and support of our valued clients and partners, who have embraced our solutions and played an integral role in shaping our journey.

Looking Ahead:

The Hybrid Work Solution of the Year award, along with our other accolades for our VPN alternative, serves as a powerful motivation to continue driving innovation and delivering unparalleled solutions. We remain steadfast in our commitment to empower organizations in their transition to hybrid work models, providing secure, efficient, and transformative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the modern workforce.

We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has been part of this remarkable journey. As we celebrate this success, we are more determined than ever to push the boundaries of what is possible and shape the future of remote and hybrid work.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue our mission to revolutionize the way organizations thrive in the new era of work.

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