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Cloudbrink is very excited to share that Cloudbrink solution is now a Citrix Ready validated solution. Customers can confidently leverage the Cloudbrink solution along with Citrix Workspaces to gain the advantages of these combined offerings and improve their business outcomes. So, what does Citrix Ready validation of Cloudbrink means?

Citrix is the market leader in the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) market[1]. Their flagship product – Citrix Workspace service – is used by tens of thousands of customers globally. Some of the world’s top banking, trading, insurance, and pharmaceutical companies use Citrix VDI solutions for their daily operations extensively.

End-users (employees, contractors, partners, etc.) of these large organizations access the Citrix VDI from everywhere. Citrix VDI is a highly business-critical application for these organizations. Hence, ensuring that end-users have the best experience on the Citrix VDI sessions under all conditions and locations is paramount for employee productivity as well as the business results of organizations.


Business Challenge

The IT teams invest in solutions that provide secure connectivity to the Citrix Workspaces. End-users access Citrix Workspace from a variety of locations such as homes, coffee shops, airports, hotel rooms, conference centers, etc., and over public Wi-Fi networks. The IT teams do not have any control over the quality of these networks. Since these networks are shared and don’t offer any bandwidth guarantees, the Citrix Workspace session quality gets impacted due to network issues on the last-mile.

How can Cloudbrink help?

Cloudbrink’s solution is the only Hybrid-Access-as-as-Service (HAaaS) innovative solution in the market today that is capable of overcoming the network shortcomings in the last-mile and providing a great user experience on the applications such as Citrix Workspace. With our patented technology that combines both performance and security into a single technology stack, Cloudbrink can improve the experience of any application even when users are accessing the applications over a sub-standard network connection.


The Citrix Ready division within Citrix is a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals who validate partner solutions along with Citrix products. Citrix Ready team follows a strict and defined procedure to validate any partner solution and based on the proofs submitted, they approve the partner solutions. All Citrix Ready validated solutions can be viewed at

Citrix Ready has validated the Cloudbrink solution for conditions where end-users receive better performance and user experience on Citrix Workspace even under poor network last-mile networks. Cloudbrink was able to deploy the service for Citrix Workspace testing within a few hours and demonstrate the performance improvements.


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