CxOs Guide to Hybrid Work

Securing hybrid workers without killing productivity

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Remote Access Not Working?

The majority of remote and hybrid workers are dissatisfied with the technology solutions their organizations are providing them for remote work but, they still don't want to go back to the office.
Be an IT Superhero
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Work may have changed beyond recognition, but not all of the technology that enables it has caught up. The enterprise network and security in particular, so central to all forms of productivity, is lagging behind.
Most of the networking and network security technologies we rely on were not designed with hybrid working in mind. We’re not just talking about older legacy standards like MPLS and VPN, but some relatively recent innovations as well such as SD-WAN, SASE and ZTNA. These technologies on their own are simply not optimized for the way we go about our working lives today.

Besides improving staff morale, Cloudbrinks solution also reduces IT remote access support tickets. Cloudbrink is one of the top 10 cloud companies of 2023, with good reason!


This ebook gives CXOs an overview of the issues facing hybrid workers and a broad understanding of the only security solution that also addresses employee performance and satisfaction.

Topics include:

  • The impact the choices of security and IT has on business and the remote worker
  • The problem with SD-WAN
  • The severe impact of VPNs
  • How 5g muddies the waters
  • What is Hybrid Access as a Service

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How do I get a happy productive hybrid workforce?