ZTNA: The Alternative to Business VPN

When providing remote access, the default choice for many IT teams is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution. The need to deliver strong security for remote access connections often drives this choice. Prioritizing security is definitely the right approach. However, there are better ways to achieve this that are easier to manage than using a VPN. 

VPN Limitations and the Rise of ZTNA 

VPNs rely on a perimeter-based security model, drawing a virtual border around a network and allowing access only via trusted connections. While this approach provides protection, it has several drawbacks: 

VPNs are often based on legacy infrastructure, making them vulnerable to multiple attack methods. VPNs can introduce latency and reduce network performance, especially for data-intensive applications and video meeting solutions that are now common.

VPNs are complex to deploy and require ongoing management, placing a burden on IT teams. The surge in demand for remote access and hybrid working has resulted in increased requests for access, distracting IT teams from focusing on other important work and IT projects. 

ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) provides a modern and more effective approach to remote access security. ZTNA takes a granular approach, granting access based on user identity and other contextual factors, ensuring that only authorized users and devices can access specific applications.  

ZTNA solutions provide a VPN replacement that delivers the same level of security while offering better performance for modern applications that require high bandwidth connectivity. The ZTNA approach reduces the attack surface and improves overall security. 

Cloudbrink HAaaS: A ZTNA-Powered Solution for Modern Remote Access 

Cloudbrink's Hybrid Access as a Service (HAaaS) with ZTNA functionality is a better and more modern way to deliver remote access for remote and hybrid staff. Based on zero-trust and dark network principles, HAaaS provides highly secure remote access without the management overhead that comes with a VPN and other ZTNA offerings. HAaaS is optimized for media-rich applications and video conferencing solutions, ensuring high performance regardless of the current number of users, their location, or network capacity. 

Cloudbrink delivers robust security and industry-leading remote access performance in HAaaS via a global network of FAST Edge points of presence distributed across worldwide cloud data centers.  

In Summary, while VPN solutions have been the default choice for remote access for some time, the changing business landscape requires a different approach. ZTNA offers a highly secure alternative to VPN perimeter security that is easier to deploy and manage. Cloudbrink HAaaS builds on a foundation of ZTNA and other technologies, such as SD-WAN, to deliver the security businesses need plus the performance and user experience staff demand.  

Embracing HAaaS over VPN solutions will boost staff productivity and enable your IT team to focus on more important tasks than micromanaging remote access.


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