Internet Speed Testing on the Remote Frontier

Fast and reliable internet connectivity has become essential as businesses, organizations, and individuals increasingly adopt remote and hybrid working. This change in the working landscape has highlighted the importance of robust remote access capabilities for employees and clients. The necessity to provide seamless, high-speed connectivity to people on the frontiers at the edge of the Internet is not just a matter of convenience but a critical business requirement. 

Problems on the Internet Frontier 

For people working from home or other remote locations such as hotels, airports, coffee shops, or similar, video conferencing and other media-intensive applications often serve as a foundation for collaboration. Unfortunately, using these applications can be very frustrating when bandwidth-related issues occur at the frontiers of the multiple overlapping networks we call the Internet. Typical issues include: 

Jittery video - Choppy, inconsistent video that disrupts meetings and hinders collaboration and the flow of information.

Pixelation - Blurry, blocky visuals in video calls make it challenging to share presentations and documents or read participant’s facial expressions. This impacts the clarity and effectiveness of these remote video meetings.

Dropped audio - Interruptions to audio can lead to misunderstandings and missed information. Plus, it leads to longer meetings and reduced productivity due to repeated conversations.

Slow file transfers - Sharing large files, collaborating on cloud-based documents, or uploading media can be prolonged, wasting valuable time and hampering collaboration. 

Issues like these and the disruptions they cause can significantly lessen the user experience, undermine productivity, and impact employee satisfaction and client relationships. 

Supercharge Your Remote Network Frontier  

Cloudbrink Hybrid Access-as-a-Service (HAaaS) is a powerful solution designed from the ground up to overcome the performance issues people frequently experience when using remote connectivity out at the frontiers of the Internet. HAaaS is built with a core principle in mind: top-notch performance for media-rich applications and video conferencing, regardless of user location, network capacity, or the number of participants. 

Recent independent reporting has shown that HAaaS can provide network speeds that are up to 30 times faster and also improve connection quality. This translates to an in-office equivalent LAN experience for remote workers, even when they are working from locations with poor network connections. HAaaS uses advanced network protocols that incorporate high-performance Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD), and Personal SD-WAN features. 

These deliver an excellent network experience without compromising the security necessary to safeguard against the increased remote worker threat surface area that cybercriminals look to exploit. Plus, the cloud deployment model of HAaaS makes it easier to set up and manage than traditional remote access solutions like VPNs. 

High Security with Fast Bandwidth

How is this near-magical trifecta of speed, security, and ease of use attained? By using a global network of FAST Edge points of presence strategically placed across multiple cloud data centers. Using this worldwide network architecture, the network protocols in HAaaS optimize routing between cloud locations and reduce network delays for users by boosting their connection speed and reducing connection latency – ensuring smooth and uninterrupted connectivity for everyone and every connection type. 

Final Thoughts 

HAaaS delivers unparalleled performance, robust security, and simplified management for any organization that needs to support a distributed staff and client base – increasingly a norm in the modern business landscape. Even if your team hasn’t run into persistent issues with remote collaboration yet, the chances are you will as networks get busier as more people go hybrid or fully remote and as the FCC oversight of mobile and broadband suppliers ends.  

Implement Cloudbrink's HAaaS before facing a network emergency. You'll experience enhanced remote collaboration right away and likely avoid future network problems that non-HAaaS users may encounter.

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