Corporate Replacement/Alternative for Cisco Meraki MX VPN

Replace Meraki End-of-Life MX Series with Software-only Cloud-native service for better Security and Performance

Several enterprises today are using hardware-based legacy VPN solutions or end-user SD-WAN appliances for supporting remote users. Either of these approaches has significant drawbacks such as high maintenance and logistical overhead of appliances, no flexibility in scaling up or down the capacity, concentrator model architecture leading to poor application performance, and no security for SaaS applications. 

Cloudbrink is a software-only cloud-native service that provides high-performance ZTNA solution which provides the industry's highest level of ZTNA security and also accelerates application performance. Cloudbrink solution is best suited for enterprises looking to replace their legacy VPN platforms or end-user SD-WAN appliances with a futuristic ZTNA solution. Enterprises are looking to converge the Networking and Security services into a SASE model and Cloudbrink solution is the right choice for these customers. 

Replace Meraki MX End-User Appliances

For end-user remote access use cases, the Cloudbrink service has been very successful for companies who are replacing Meraki MX series appliances. Cloudbrink has ensured that all use cases of Meraki can be supported using a software-based service approach using the Brink App and Brink Connector components. Below is a high-level capability matrix of Cloudbrink vs Meraki. 

CapabilityMeraki MX 65/64Cloudbrink
User MFAIPSec tunnel level authUser ID based MFA
Continuous Device PostureNoYes
Granular ID-based RBACNoYes
Multi-DC AccessYesYes
Multiple endpoints supportYesYes
Enterprise private IP and DNS supportYesYes
QOE (app acceleration)NoYes
UCaaS optimization (Zoom, Teams, G-Meet, etc.)NoYes

Customer Advantages with Cloudbrink

Faster deployment: Cloudbrink being a 100% software-only solution, deploying Cloudbrink to users takes only a few minutes and users can immediately get the application acceleration and security benefits. There are no lead-time or supply-chain or logistics issues that are typical for appliance-based solutions.

Agile Scale Up/Down: Enterprises will have the flexibility to scale up or down the capacity of the solution (number of users who can use Cloudbrink) with just the click of a button. There is no additional cost to manage the capacity.

SaaS and Cloud apps QOE: Meraki appliance-based solution just performs a local split tunnel of SaaS & Cloud apps traffic. With Cloudbrink which performs application acceleration by overcoming last-mile network issues, enterprises not only get security but also optimization benefits for SaaS and cloud apps.

Stronger Security: Unlike the Meraki solution which is still using TLS 1.2, Cloudbrink is completely over Mutual TLS (MTLS) and TLS 1.3-based communication only. Cloudbrink provides a globally scalable PKI infrastructure built into the service and automatically rotates the PKI certs periodically to make the overall solution highly secure. 


Enterprises can start their journey towards the futuristic way of delivering highly secure and performant access solutions to their users wherever they are working by leveraging Cloudbrink solutions. Being a software-only cloud service, enterprises have all the flexibility to migrate to the new platform at their own pace and in most the cost-effective manner.