What's Faster Than a Quick VPN?

With the increasing trend for remote and hybrid work, IT teams tasked with providing remote access solutions tend to choose a VPN as the quick option. The limitations of VPNs in today's high-bandwidth, media-rich environments have become apparent as the number of people needing remote access has increased. 

VPNs are not a Quick Solution 

VPNs introduce network latency, which can significantly impact the performance of bandwidth-intensive applications and cloud video conferencing solutions. These performance issues can lead to frustrating delays, dropped audio, and pixelated video, hindering productivity and disrupting collaboration. 

The setup and ongoing management of VPN solutions is complex and resource-heavy. IT teams must dedicate considerable time and effort to ensure VPNs are configured correctly and maintained effectively. The surge in demand for VPN access has significantly strained IT teams. This increased workload prevents IT professionals from focusing on critical business improvement projects, which hinders business growth. 

Cloudbrink HAaaS is a Quicker Alternative 

Cloudbrink Hybrid Access as a Service (HAaaS) is a modern and efficient alternative to VPNs for remote access. It's a better choice than VPNs for two primary reasons. 

Firstly, HAaaS is quicker to deploy and configure as it simplifies rollout and ongoing management. HAaaS's streamlined approach saves time and reduces the IT resources needed to deliver remote access. 

Secondly, Cloudbrink has optimized HAaaS to deliver high performance for media-rich applications and video conferencing solutions. Regardless of the number of users accessing the application or their locations, HAaaS ensures high performance, even when network capacity is limited. HAaaS delivers this high performance by leveraging a network of Cloudbrink-owned and operated FAST Edge points of presence strategically located across numerous global cloud data centers. This distributed infrastructure ensures low latency and high availability, providing a seamless experience for remote workers. 

Final Thoughts

 While VPNs have long been the default solution and quick choice for remote access, they are no longer the first choice for today's business landscape. VPNs struggle with performance when providing access to modern applications and video conferencing solutions, and their complexity places a significant burden on IT teams.  

Cloudbrink HAaaS offers a more efficient and modern alternative, providing optimized remote connectivity while lightening the load on IT professionals. Choosing HAaaS over a VPN solution will enhance productivity and user satisfaction. The choice will also enable your IT team to focus more of their time on strategic initiatives that drive your business forward.

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