Best VPN for Citrix VDI

Building the best VPN alternative for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has become an essential technology for businesses worldwide, as it provides a secure and flexible way to deliver virtual desktops and applications to users across multiple locations. Citrix Workspaces is among the leading players in the VDI market, offering powerful digital workspaces that enhance productivity and efficiency for organizations.

Network Performance is Vital for VDI 

One of the critical challenges remote workers face when using Citrix VDI solutions, including Citrix Workspace, is the unpredictability of their network connection. Users access corporate desktops and applications from a wide range of locations, from the comfort of their homes to bustling coffee shops, airports, hotel rooms, conference centers, and more. IT teams have little control over the network speed and reliability in these diverse environments, and a poor Wi-Fi connection in a remote location can lead to a poor and frustrating user experience. 

Cloudbrink HAaaS Can Turbocharge Your VDI

 Cloudbrink HAaaS (Hybrid Access as a Service) is a secure, high-performance alternative to traditional remote access technologies like VPNs. By deploying HAaaS, organizations can improve the VDI experience for all their remote workers. HAaaS is the world's first personal SD-WAN that includes high-performance ZTNA and Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD). 

Personal SD-WAN - Optimizes network performance for remote users by monitoring and adapting to changing network conditions. 

High-performance ZTNA - Enhances security by granting access based on user identity and context, allowing only authorized users and devices to access specific applications. 

Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) - Periodically alters the network environment to prevent cyber attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities or setting up persistent threats. 

Industry-Leading Last-Mile Performance 

HAaaS excels in providing industry-leading last-mile performance across various networking scenarios. Whether using video conferencing solutions, media-rich applications, or VDI deployments, HAaaS ensures reliable and high-bandwidth connectivity, delivering robust endpoint networking. Cloudbrink delivers this high performance via a global network of FAST Edge points of presence distributed across multiple cloud data centers. This distributed network provides low latency and high throughput, ensuring consistent performance for users worldwide. 

Easy to Deploy and Manage 

HAaaS boasts an easy-to-understand, cloud-based deployment model that slashes initial deployment times to mere hours. Additionally, ongoing management, scalability, and adaptation to business growth become effortless, reducing the load on busy IT teams. 


HAaaS is a more modern and secure way to deliver remote access for remote and hybrid staff using VDI digital workspaces such as Citrix Workspace and others. It is built on zero-trust and dark network principles, making it an ideal alternative to traditional VPNs that are often difficult to manage. 

Using HAaaS instead of VPNs, businesses can provide a better experience for staff using VDI solutions like Citrix Workspace and lower IT teams' workloads without compromising security.

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