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Prakash Mana CEO

Prakash Mana is a seasoned technology executive and the visionary CEO of Cloudbrink. His reputation precedes him in the cybersecurity landscape, where his relentless drive for innovation has been transforming the way businesses operate.

Prakash Mana Prakash Mana
With more than two decades of experience under his belt, Prakash's career is a testament to his technological proficiency and strategic foresight. He has held leadership roles at global tech giants like Check Point Software and Pulse Secure, consistently outpacing competitors and setting new industry standards.
As CEO of Cloudbrink, Prakash takes this dedication to excellence to an entirely new level. Under his astute leadership, Cloudbrink has introduced a suite of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions that are unrivaled in their adaptability and efficiency. But don't just take our word for it. Customers across various sectors have described Cloudbrink's solutions as "game-changing", "robust", and "effortlessly deployable".
So why is this solution making such waves? Because Prakash recognizes that in our digital age, cybersecurity is about more than safeguarding data. It's about empowering businesses to operate fearlessly. It's about granting employees the liberty to work from any location without compromising security. It's about turning cybersecurity from a barrier into a competitive edge.
What sets Prakash apart is not merely his technological expertise or strategic insight, but his steadfast commitment to customer success. He firmly believes that the most effective solutions are those crafted in collaboration with customers, tailored to address their unique needs and challenges head-on. This customer-centric philosophy is palpable in every product that Cloudbrink delivers.
In essence, Prakash Mana is not just a leader in the cybersecurity realm – he's a trailblazer. His work at Cloudbrink is shaping a future where secure access is smooth, intuitive, and enabling rather than restrictive.
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