Cloudbrink's Hybrid Access as a Service brings security and speed to the remote worker

Slow remote connections kill productivity!

Coudbrinks Hybrid Access as a Service overcomes slow connectivity without compromising security

What are the issues facing your remote and hybrid workforce?

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Be an IT Superhero
Cloudbrink HAaaS speeds up VDI, Video conferencing, and file uploads/downloads turning IT into superheroes

Poor network connections can have a major impact on employee productivity, as it prevents them from accessing the applications they need quickly and efficiently. As workers are forced to wait for slow loading times or for their files to transfer, their focus is disrupted and it can take longer for them to complete tasks. This drain on employees' productivity can cost businesses a lot of money in the long run. Organizations need to ensure that their network connection is optimized so that employees have the resources available to quickly and securely access the applications they need when they need them. Coudbrinks Hybrid Access as a Service is the words first personal SD-WAN that includes high-performance ZTNA and Moving Target Defence (MTD).